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ELYSE founder

Dr. Belloni Jacqueline

Research director emeritus

Research interests :

  • Comparative radiolysis (pulsed and stationary) of non-aqueous polar solvents;
  • Ion adsorption by radioactive tracers;
  • Formation of stable solvated electrons by radiolysis in liquid ammonia;
  • Physical and chemical properties of solvated electrons and radical species.
  • Electron-cation recombination models as a function of the dielectric and chemical properties of the liquid;
  • Photoionization of dimethylsulfide: competition between solvation and electron attachment;
  • Transient photocurrents at the polar semiconductor-liquid interfac;
  • Metal and semiconductor aggregates : redox and optical absorption properties of the aggregates vary according to the nuclearity and are distinct from the metal or the solid semiconductor;
  • Radiolytic synthesis of mono- and multimetallic clusters, alloyed or layered, in subcolloidal solutions, supported on oxides, embedded in polymeric membranes, zeolites or mesoporous solids;
  • Molecular clusters of carbonyl metals synthesized by irradiation.
  • Mechanisms of nucleation, growth, and development by combination of radiolysis with chemical reductions,
  • Mechanism of photographic development: applications to catalysis, non-linear optics, photography.
  • Latent image formation in silver photography.
  • Electron-hole recombination in silver halides;
  • Role of nuclearity dependent properties in aggregate nucleation and thermal hysteresis at phase transition.

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Dr. Monard Hugues

Technical director of ELYSE

CNRS research-engineer


Dr. MARIGNIER Jean-Louis

CNRS researcher

Research interests:

Radiation chemistry studied by pulse radiolysis at picosecond time range:

  • Fast optical absorption detection with streak-camera
  • Chemical processes in silver photography
  • Synthesis of metal nanoaggregates

History of Photography : 

  • Study of the invention of Photography by Nicéphore Niépce. First reconstruction of the process invented by Niépce and named by him “Heliography”
  • Discovery of a unknown photographic process, the “Physautotype”, invented by Niepce and Daguerre in 1832.

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Researcher interests:

  • Charge transfer reactions and their interplay with the surrounding
    – Fundamental mechanisms in radiation- and photo- chemistry / -physics, organic chemistry
  • Dynamics and ultrafast kinetics in solution, nanomaterials
  • Time resolved spectroscopy, pulsed light and particle sources, light detection on different times scales
  • Instrumentation in the UV, Vis, NIR and THz spectral range: Development and application
  • Conception of experiments and analysis methods

Thesis: Ladungstransfer im Wechselspiel mit der Nanoumgebung: Organische Reaktivität auf der Femto- bis Millisekunden Skala (2008)

Contacts: Linkedin, ResearchGate


Dr. de WAELE Vincent

CNRS researcher

Research interests: Ultrafast photochemical processes in photoactive materials for the conversion of the light into chemical energy by plasmonic and photocatalysis

Research contributions:

  • development and first applications of a ps pulse-probe UV-vis transient absorption set-up on ELYSE
  • Investigation of the primary radiolytic species and their time-dependent yield in THF, highly concentrated HCl and NaCl solutions and HTHP water ( col . CEA Saclay)
  • Characterization of the ps electrons pulses of ELYSE by EO sampling (EUROFEL EU project, col. LULI)
  • Metal and semi-conductor nanoparticles growth in microporous materials ( zeolites)
    Curent position ; CNRS researcher in LASIRE ( Lille)

Thesis: Étude expérimentale et théorique des spectres de vibration de l’état excité S1 d’hétérocycles azotés dérivés du biphényle (1999)

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Engineering Staff


Demarque Alexandre

CNRS engineer

Postdoctoral fellows


Dr. MUSAT Raluca

Research activity: NO3˙ radical formation yields in nitric acid and its reactivity towards toward uranous(iv), hydrazinium nitrate and hydroxyl ammonium nitrate

Thesis: Dynamique et réactivité dans l’eau confinée (2008)

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Research activity:

Thesis: Steady state and picosecond pulse radiolysis study of highly concentrated aqueous solutions (2011)

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2014 coll E. Maisonhaute

Dr. LATUS Alina


contact: Linkenin

Dr. PRECEK Martin

PhD students

2011-2015 Cotutelle PhD Un. Manchester
2010-2015 coll Un. Sherbrooke

M. Michel 2014

P. Blanc 2014

G. Garaix 2014

Master students

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