Dr. DENISOV Sergey A.

CNRS researcher; born in Russia, doing science in France

I join the ELYSE team in December 2016 as a CNRS researcher.

My research topics include: Time-resolved radiolysis; fast and ultrafast radical chemistry; electron
and charge transfer; dissociative electron attachment to DNA nucleotides; charge transfer at solid/liquid interfaces.



Pulse-repump-probe spectroscopy

Technical improvements of existing setups

Control software development (LabVIEW, Python)

My Past Experiences

Post-doctoral fellow, Bordeaux, France, Institut des Sciences Moléculaire (Oct 2014 – Nov 2016)

see Nathan D. McClenaghan research group for details

Molecular spectroscopy: steady-state (QY, spectra), time-resolved (emission; polarization, variable temperature TRABS in sub-pico – microsecond timescales; TCSPC, MCS, streak-camera detection); electron, energy and proton transfers, isomerization in bi- and multichromophoric systems (inorganic/organic); experiment development.

Research Engineer, Podolsk, Russia, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Institute Scientific
Production Association “Luch”
(Sep 2010 – Jul 2011)

Development of magnetron sputtering technique of experimental protective metal coatings; development of welding technique for polycrystalline tungsten; maintenance of industrial vacuum equipment; product quality management.

Chemical engineer, Moscow, Russia, JSC EKA (Nov 2008 – Nov 2012)

Support and development of galvanic plating processes: zinc, nickel, copper and chromium plating with nanodiamonds inclusions; product quality management; technological documents management.

Junior researcher, Moscow, Russia
Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS
(Nov 2008 – Nov 2012)

Development of gas-phase methods of nanodiamond powder purification and its chemical surface modification; impedance spectroscopy of nanodiamond powders in a vacuum and different gas-media.