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Research Staff

since 2000

Prof. MOSTAFAVI Mehran

Full professor Université Paris-Saclay

Research interests:

Ultrafast kinetics, pulse radiolysis and photolysis, solvation dynamics, electron transfer in solutions, synthesis of metal and semiconductor nano-clusters in solution, photographic processes, optical limiting

Responsibilities: principal investigator of ELYSE platform

Thesis: Propriétés thermodynamiques d’agrégats métalliques à faible nombre d’atomes en phase condensée : catalyse de transfert d’électron : simulation du développement photographique (1989)

contacts: ResearchGate

since 2016

Dr. DENISOV Sergey

CNRS researcher

Research interests:

  • electron transfer reactions under ionizing radiation
  • photochemisty of anions

Responsibilities: experimental (optical layout and software) development of ELYSE


Contacts: Linkedin, ResearchGate, personal page

since 2019

Dr. ADJEI Daniel


Responsibilities: conducting time-resolved radiolysis measurements; GEANT 4 calculation, devoted to nanosized dose deposition

Thesis: Development and application of a laser plasma
soft X-ray source for radiobiology studies

contacts: Linkedin

since 2003

Prof. LAMPRE Isabelle


Engineering Staff

since 2009

LARBRE Jean-Philippe

CNRS engineer

Responsibilities: operation manager of the ELYSE’s facility (LabVIEW, Radiation Protection Officer, Vaccum system)

since 2004


Assistant engineer

Responsibilities: in charge of the femtosecond laser chain.
Main technical interests: optics and lasers, scientific instrumentation.
Contacts: LinkedIn +33169153288

since 2006


Assistant engineer

Responsibilities: control software development, design and prototyping of optical layouts, mechanical devices.

Postdoctoral fellows

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PhD students

since 2018


Thesis: Processes ocсuring in the aqueous suspensions of gold nanoparticles under ionizing radiation

Contact: Linkedin

Master students

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